Position & Program
Elevate the concept positioning for magnified customer experience
The more unique we are, the more memorable we become.
Position a compelling value proposition
Evolve from recognised strengths towards more brand focus Simplify the value proposition of the new touchpoint.
Build on racing performance DNA

We manufacture products for faster and safer skiing, to enjoy the mountain. We evolve from developing technical products to services that enhance usage through fitting, tuning, customisation.

  • Create a multi-brand narrative around Rossignol + Dynastar + Lange + Look
  • Widen of the offer to guest brands to be a better destination
Deliver convenience through services

Magnify brand experience to expand the direct-to-consumer business. We share exciting interactions and experiences in anticipation of the moment

  • Access to products from different categories is more effortless
  • Buying is more enjoyable
  • Mountain life becomes more accessible
Intensify way of life narrative

We are the Original Ski Brand. From a brand stretched between hard and soft goods to a focus on the Alpine way of life

  • Across categories
  • Across touchpoints
Translate value proposition into experiences
Structure value proposition for bold concept positioning. Define user experiences that incarnate the proposition.
We're creating a new touchpoint for our brands. Find out more.
We're creating a new touchpoint for our brands.
Find out more.
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