Rossignol's leadership grew from passion and racing, developing new technology at the foot of the mountain where it remains.
Pioneering technical expertise
Rossignol started as a pioneering company. Its history is intertwined with the history of skiing. The men that built Rossignol were the same men who built ski gear, ski lifts and even ski resorts. The factory to make the equipment is the core of the brands' know-how. We imagine products on the slopes, design them at the foot of the mountain, make them the factory next door and improve them one ride after another.
Racers are at the heart of the Rossignol DNA
From Emile Allais to Henrik Kristoffersen, racers grow with Rossignol, inspire younger generations and shape innovation.
Local know-how for a global reach
Remaining at the foot of the Alps, Rossignol conquered the world. Emile Allais was the first ski school director at Portillo, in Chile, until the mid-1950s. From its local roots, the team designs products and manufactures them in the last ski factory in the French Alps. To continue growing its direct-to-consumer services and expand product categories to 365 days, Rossignol needs to develop beyond "locals only."
With a passion for transmission
It's a passionate family business. Initiated by parents, now parents initiating children, the transmission of the love of the outdoors and of the sport is omnipresent.
Leaders are being
challenged by local brands
Smaller regional brands are taking pieces of the growing cake.
A growing industry
The pandemic accelerated the growing interest for the outdoor and connecting with nature. Mountains are increasingly sought destinations and most industries from camping to skiing and mountain biking are expected to grow, attracting more players. Club Med's 2019 and Beyond Ski Report predicts an increased interest of Brits for Switzerland, Canada and France in the next five years.
Increasingly fragmented
Regional players are fragmenting the market with strong local storytelling. Smaller "handcrafted" brands bring stronger connections to regions or resorts, giving a different purpose to purchasing. For example, Praxis Skis from Tahoe has partnered with Ski California to offer a limited edition custom ski with the purchase of a gold pass.
Most brands are still learning how to connect with tomorrow's consumers
Social media is still in its infancy. Social platforms and algorithms are constantly evolving. Brands publish, moderate, interact on multiple assets across numerous formats and platforms.

Brand values and territories are becoming crucial for building value and equity.

Groups like Rossignol continue to learn to better connect with users on newer platforms. On Instagram for instance, there are twelve different accounts, with follower counts ranging from 204,000 to 2,140 (listed below).

Segmenting assets by channels (e-commerce, shops, social media, customer service) can make journeys confusing for users and relationship management costly for companies.
Capitalise on the ski iconicity to grow in new territories, with more simplicity.
Iconic Brands
Embrace the past to guide the creation of the future.
Cult Products
Redefine entire categories. Intuitive, disruptive, persona, innovate beyond products.
Design System
Design a visual identity system consistent across touchpoints. Use design as a business building investment. Balance business operations and brand artistry.
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We're creating a new touchpoint for our brands. Find out more.
We're creating a new touchpoint for our brands.
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